About Me And My Approach

Hello! I'm Rachelle (she/her/hers). I was raised in the Spokane area, hold a Master's degree in social work from Eastern Washington University and earned my Bachelor's degree in social work from the University of Montana. I have worked in the field of social work since 1998 serving clients of diverse backgrounds in a variety of settings including:

  • school social work

  • developmental disabilities

  • community based mental health

  • child welfare

  • foster care and adoption

  • private practice

Over the years I have learned to incorporate several approaches into my practice with clients but have found the most powerful and transformative approach to be Internal Family Systems or IFS. I am a Level 2 trained, Certified IFS Therapist. I am also a Program Assistant for Level 1 IFS trainings. IFS is an evidence-based model of psychotherapy which views the mind as naturally multiple, exploring the roles and ways of coping that are taken on as a result of life's difficulties or trauma. This is done through a lens of self-compassion and curiosity. IFS has changed my life and I love sharing the model with clients and clinicians who are curious about the model or already IFS informed. I am also EMDR trained and clients report amazing results when EMDR is used in conjunction with Internal Family Systems work.


My lived experience includes: homeschool parent, married over 20 years, raised in multicultural blended family, trauma, Highly Sensitive Person.

Photo of Rachelle