Rachelle Miller, LICSW

Certified IFS Therapist


Therapy for Adults

Adults from all walks of life come to therapy or counseling for a variety of reasons.


Therapy For

I am an experienced therapist ready to help tweens, teens and young adults address many challenges.



Conflict is inevitable in any relationship but couples can learn to respectfully listen to each other's perspectives and work to find compromise.


Therapy During COVID

During these uncertain times therapy can be a valuable resource to help you cope with issues such as grief and loss, feelings of isolation, anxiety and fear.

My Approach

Clients tell me that my approach is different from what they have experienced with other therapies because I don't focus on problems. I focus on the parts of you that have taken on extreme roles or coping in an effort to survive trauma or pain. I do this by listening to and welcoming all parts of your story and helping you to view yourself with more compassion and clarity.

About me

I hold a Master's degree in social work from Eastern Washington University and earned my Bachelor's degree in social work from the University of Montana. I have worked in the field of social work since 1998 serving clients of diverse backgrounds.

Getting Help

Are you struggling with issues related to anxiety, low self esteem or feelings of low self worth? Perhaps you experienced a major life change or loss and are struggling to cope with the impact. Are you highly sensitive and frequently overwhelmed? Sometimes we want or need a guide to be with us on our journey and it is my honor to accompany you as you seek greater calm, confidence or clarity in life. Seeking help is a courageous step towards change, healing and growth.