Therapy during COVID-19

During these uncertain times therapy can be a valuable resource to help you cope with issues such as grief and loss, feelings of isolation, anxiety and fear.


We are collectively experiencing the impact of COVID-19. Whether you are on the front lines, an essential worker or simply needing support to cope during this time, you are welcome to contact me to inquire about services.

I am offering online therapy (also called Telehealth or Telemedicine) to best meet your needs during this time. Most insurances, including Medicare are covering Telehealth to safely ensure access to services. Check with your individual plan to see if this option is covered. 

There is research that supports the efficacy of online therapy for a variety of concerns. I have been successfully treating clients using a HIPAA compliant Telehealth platform which is easily accessed via the app store or your computer.

My therapy approach has translated well to online work and clients who may be initially reluctant to do online therapy are surprised to find that they are very comfortable working with me from the safety and comfort of their own home.

A Man Looking at his Tablet Device