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Neuroaffirming and Neuroinformed Therapy

I have lived experience as an ADHDer and vast professional experience as a therapist working with ADHD and Autistic clients to know the challenges of being neurodivergent in a neurotypical world. This unique perspective allows me to deeply understand and compassionately support my clients, helping them navigate and heal from the impacts of societal expectations and misunderstandings. Common experiences include:

  • Constantly masking: Feeling the need to hide or suppress your neurodivergent traits to fit in or avoid judgment.

  • Overwhelm and burnout: Experiencing frequent overwhelm from sensory input or high demands, leading to burnout.

  • Misunderstanding and stigma: Facing misunderstandings about your capabilities and intentions, often leading to stigmatization.

  • Struggling with executive function: Finding it difficult to manage time, organize tasks, or maintain focus, especially in environments not designed for neurodivergent minds.

  • Social isolation: Feeling isolated or excluded due to differences in social communication and interaction styles.

  • Emotional dysregulation: Experiencing intense emotions that can be hard to manage or express in a way that feels safe and accepted.

By recognizing and addressing these common experiences, I help my clients develop strategies for self-acceptance, resilience, and thriving in a world that may not always understand or accommodate their unique ways of being.

Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy addresses these issues by creating a compassionate and non-judgmental space for you to:

  • Uncover and understand: We help you identify and understand the various parts of yourself that have developed in response to the challenges of being neurodivergent. This includes parts that may mask, protect, or react to overwhelm and stigma.

  • Heal past traumas: We work with your most vulnerable parts, or exiles, that carry the pain of past misunderstandings, isolation, and emotional distress, fostering healing and integration.

  • Empower self-leadership: We guide you to connect with your core Self, a place of inner calm and wisdom, which can lead and harmonize your internal system, bringing balance and resilience.

  • Foster self-acceptance: By recognizing and valuing each part of yourself, we cultivate a deep sense of self-acceptance and empowerment, helping you thrive in a world that may not always understand or accommodate your unique ways of being. 

Envelope with handwritten text card EMBRACE WHO YOU ARE - journey of self-discovery and se
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