Therapy for Couples

Most couples seek relationship counseling after a long period of conflict or a culture of contempt has developed between them. They often arrive to their first session seeking to create a healthy relationship based on mutual trust and respect but as a "last ditch effort" before giving up hope for change. The good news is that there are skills you can learn that will improve the health of your relationship!

Conflict is inevitable in any relationship but couples can learn to respectfully listen to each other's perspectives and work to find compromise. 

Relationship counseling or couples therapy can help you and your partner:

  • build friendship (learn to express appreciation and fondness for one another, maintain affection and intimacy)

  • manage conflict (learn effective conflict resolution, prevent harmful fights, manage negativity in conflict, learn what to do after a fight).

  • create shared meaning (support each other's dreams, create a healthy family culture)

I can help you and your partner learn tools to build a solid foundation for healing and growth in your relationship. I offer a safe space for you to learn and practice skills both during and outside of our sessions. You can learn to enhance communication and reduce conflict to allow both immediate and long-term positive results.

If you are ready to take the next step in your relationship, please contact me for a consultation to see if I am the right fit for you.