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Therapy for Couples

Picture of heart with word love in it surrounded by words: perspective, positive, unique, life, fun, creative, family, friends, enjoy, play.

I am passionate about working with mixed neurotype and neurodivergent couples to help:

  • Build Connection: learn to express appreciation for one another, maintain affection and intimacy.

  • Manage Conflict: learn effective conflict resolution, prevent harmful fights, manage negativity in conflict, learn what to do after a fight.

  • Create Shared Meaning: support each other's dreams, create a healthy family culture.

I can help you and your partner learn to build a solid foundation for healing and growth in your relationship. I offer a safe space for you to become curious about patterns that have developed over time to begin to create change that leads to more compassion in your relationship.

Two people holding hands in front of a tree and lake.
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